Fabrizia Sarto

Fabrizia Sarto, PhD Student at the University of Leeds

"I'm Fabrizia Sarto, a third year PhD student in "Healthcare Management and Economics" at "Magna Graecia" University of Catanzaro. I'm also a teaching assistant in "Corporate Governance" and "Financial Accounting" at "Federico II" University of Naples.

I met Dr Gianluca Veronesi at an international conference one year ago. Due to our close research interests I proposed that I spend some months during my PhD as a visiting scholar at Leeds University Business School in order to improve my research skills. I came here in order to develop an interdisciplinary research project with Dr Veronesi and Professor Ian Kirkpatrick about hospital governance.

Particularly the object of the project is investigating the relationship between hospital structure, composition and role of governance positions and hospital performance. Using the human capital theory applied in the Corporate governance literature, we aim to investigate if the involvement of clinicians at CEO positions positively affect the hospital performance in the Italian SSN. The research departs from supporting findings about our hypothesis that Veronesi et al. (2012) reported in the English context. Then, the aim would be to understand if similar findings are reported considering the differences in the institutional context, and finally to try a comparison among the countries. This research project is part of my PhD that I'm going to submit in July 2013.

My experience here in Leeds is going brilliantly. I'm attending PhD programme classes too. In order to improve my methodological skills I attended "Financial and Modelling Analysis" and "Nature and Philosophy of Social Science" courses. They have been very useful for the project and my PhD. Here the working environment is stimulating and Dr Veronesi and Prof Kirkpatrick are always very willing and helpful! I think that the department of Accounting and Finance has been very hospitable with me too. It provides all the resources I need to conduct my research! To summarize I found the experience here fantastic. I extended the visiting period to February as the project was not finished due to the availability of data. Anyway I'm sure I will conclude my visiting period in the best way possible!"

Dr Veronesi added that Fabrizia's research proposal was well developed and interesting and progress is going extremely well. The research on health and care governance has been extended to Fabrizia's country (Italy) while strong networking links have been established with her supervisors and their academic society sharing the same research interests.

Written January 2013