Professor Robert MacKenzie



PhD University of Leeds
MA (Distinction) Industrial and Labour Studies, University of Leeds
BA (Hons) Political Studies, University of Leeds


Head of Division, Work and Employment Relations Division 2006 - 2009
Faculty representative on University Programmes of Study and Audit Group 2005 
Programme Director, MA Human Resource Management Degree, 2001-2005
Division representative on LUBS Library Committee 2001-2005
CIPD Postgraduate Coordinator 2001-2005Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change PROFILE My research interests are concerned with the regulation of the employment relationship and industrial restructuring. The role of contracts in the regulation of employment, and their relationship to the wider labour market, have also been key themes within my work. These concerns are reflected in my research into Employment and Deregulation in the Telecommunications Industries of the UK and Ireland, which has focused on growth of subcontracting as an organisational form and as a means of regulating the supply of labour. The use of contingent alternatives to direct employment is also central to my work on Casualisation and Employment in the Construction Industry. This work focuses the implications of contingent employment forms for skills and labour reproduction in the construction sectors of the UK and Sweden. The impact of industrial restructuring is again key to my research on the ,em>Social and Economic Impact of Redundancy in the Welsh Steel Industry. The themes of labour market change and contingent employment practices are also apparent in my work on the ,em>Social and Economic Experience of Migrant Workers, Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Finally, I am working on a unifying conceptual project, informed by my other research activities, to develop an overarching narrative on restructuring and regulation.Industrial Relations module, MA Human Resource Management
MA HRM Core Course
HRM and Industrial Relations
Contemporary Industrial Relations
Industrial Studies (Labour)