Dr Peter Phelps


PhD, University of Cambridge

Associate Professor in Applied Economics

Associate Member, Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy (CCEPP), University of Cambridge

MSc Programme Director, Economics Division

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (FHEA)


  • Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Economics, 2015-

Research interests

Applied economics and econometrics; international and regional economics; economic, public and macroprudential policy
Selected publications and papers:
Arestis, P. and Phelps, P. (2019). “A panel analysis of Brazilian regional inequality”, Environment and Planning A, forthcoming (4* ABS)
Arestis, P. and Phelps, P. (2018). “Inequality implications of European economic and monetary union: a reassessment”, Environment and Planning A, 50(7), 1443-1472 (4* ABS)
Arestis, P., Fontana, G. and Phelps, P. (2017). “Regional financialisation and financial systems convergence: evidence from Italy”, Environment and Planning A, 49(1), 141-167 (4* ABS)
Arestis, P. and Phelps, P. (2017). “Financial market implications of monetary policy coincidences: evidence from the UK and euro area government-bond markets”, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 49(1), 88-102 (3* ABS)
Arestis, P. and Phelps, P. (2016). “Endogeneity analysis of output synchronization in the current and prospective EMU”, Journal of Common Market Studies, 54(3), 525-543 (3* ABS)
Ormerod, P., Rosewell, B. and Phelps, P. (2013). “Inflation/unemployment regimes and the instability of the Phillips curve”, Applied Economics, 45(12), 1519-1531 (2* ABS)
Mu, Y., Phelps, P. and Stotsky, J. (2013). “Bond markets in Africa”, IMF Working Paper WP/13/12, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.

Student education

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Mathematical Economics (LUBS1280)
International Economics (LUBS2401)
Econometrics (LUBS5134M)
MSc Economics Dissertation (LUB5138M)

Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016, 2018)
University of Leeds Partnership Award for Best Feedback in LUBS (2019)

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Institute for Research in Economics