Reference requests

If you need a reference from a member of the Accounting and Finance team for Masters study, a job application, study abroad or an industrial placement, please make your request via email.

In your email, please provide:
1. Your full name
2. Your student number
3. Your programme of study
4. Name of referee

Undergraduate students -
Postgraduate students -
PhD -

Frequently asked questions

Who should I ask to be my referee?

Your referee is usually your personal tutor as they will know you best, but, they could also be any member of the team that has taught you during your course but they must, however, know you in order to write your reference.

When will my reference be completed?

Please allow a three week turnaround period – our admin team receive large numbers of reference requests all year round and whilst the aim is to provide references as soon as possible, sometimes more time is required.

I’m applying for Masters courses, will I receive a copy of my reference?

You will not be sent a copy of your reference but you will be notified once it has been completed. References will be sent directly to the universities that you have applied to, when they request them.

Can I include my referee's contact information in my application?

Yes if you have already gained permission from your referee(s) to do so.

I’m applying for a job and need to include referees, can I put my personal tutor/lecturer down as a referee?

Yes but only if you have asked their permission to do so.

Will I be sent a copy of my reference for a job application?

No, references for job applications are returned directly to the would-be employer unless otherwise stated.