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Exponential Leader Programme

Course overview

Businesses today operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Change is ever greater with disruption coming from unexpected sources. To be successful in the midst of this radical uncertainty, business leaders need to develop an agile mindset to help in the evolution of their organisation. The Exponential Leader Programme (ELP) is designed to aid such organisations with an aim to shift mindsets from a 'business as usual' one to that of strategic agility.

Course structure

Theme 1: Designing the future

The business environment is constantly being disrupted by new technologies and business models. Innovation is happening at the fringes. This theme provides inputs on how successful businesses maintain their market dominance in this environment.

Theme 2: Designing teams for extreme innovation

Used by most market leaders today, participants explore the successful skunkworks innovation model and reflect on how such teams can be designed within their organisation to implement some of the more radical recommendations from Theme 1.

Theme 3: Radical change management

Once a strategic direction has been taken to pursue a new course of action, this theme provides insights on how to quickly rally stakeholders across the organisation to adopt the organisational changes that need to be implemented.

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