Postgraduate research projects - Capabilities to mitigate disruptions from natural disasters


Raveekarn Aiemwongnukul

Nowadays natural disasters are occurring with increasing frequencies. This brings big challenges for businesses and global supply chains.

The way that businesses operate has to change due to the devastating impact of natural disasters. Organisations need to develop their capabilities to adapt and respond to disruptive events from natural disasters for their survival. This research focuses on natural disasters and their effects on businesses operations and supply chains.

The research aims to develop a new construct called the capabilities for mitigating disruptions from natural disasters based on a dynamic capability framework (sensing, seizing and transforming/reconfiguring). At the same time measurement of mitigation performance will be developed as an approach for evaluating the performance of such mitigation capabilities, by considering both disruption reduction and responsiveness dimensions.

Several case studies will be conducted in Thailand, involving qualitative data collection by interviewing relevant senior managers whose businesses had experienced natural disasters such as flooding. A more nuanced and in depth understanding of the relationship between mitigation capabilities and the firms mitigation performance on operations and supply chain management will be created to enhance businesses preparedness and proactive in planning for future disaster events.