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PhD in Marketing, Imperial College London 

Dr. Yeyi Liu is a Lecturer in Marketing at Leeds University Business School. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Imperial College London. Prior to joining Leeds University Business School, Dr. Liu worked as research associate at Strathclyde University Business School, and worked as research assistant at Imperial College Business School.

Dr. Liu’s current research interests lie on brand management, service innovation, and various aspects of consumer behaviour and marketing communications. His research has been accepted for publication in internationally renowned academic journals including Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Service Research, and also been regularly presented at leading international academic conferences across the world.


• Consumer brand relationships
• Brand attachment

• Brand transparency

• Social media marketing

• Placed-based marketing


Journal Articles

“Service Firm Performance Transparency: How, When, and Why Does It Pay Off?” (with Andreas B. Eisingerich, Seigyoung Auh, Omar Merlo,and HaeEun Helen Chun), Journal of Service Research, 2015, forthcoming, DOI:10.1177/1094670515584331 

“Why Recommend a Brand Face-to-Face but not on Facebook? How Word-of-Mouth on Online Social Sites Differs from Traditional Word-of-Mouth” (with Andreas B. Eisingerich, HaeEun Helen Chun, He Michael Jia, Simon J. Bell), Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2015, 25(1), 120-128, DOI: 10.1016/j.jcps.2014.05.004. 

Conference Papers

“Developing New Product Development Best Practice through Industry-Academia Partnerships - A Case Study” (with N Fain, B Wagner), 13th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2014, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Croatia 

“Hope, Embarrassment, Gender and Future Product Adoption” (with AB Eisingerich), Society for Consumer Psychology Summer Conference 2013 

“WOM on Facebook vs. Traditional WOM” (with AB Eisingerich), American Marketing Association Winter Marketing Educators' Conference 2013, Las Vegas, NV, USA 

“The Role of Electronic WOM on Facebook in the Brand Attachment - Consumer Brand Purchase Relationships” (with AB Eisingerich), Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference 2012 

 “Brand Ability, Social Responsibility, and Consumer Involvement: When Is Being Transparent Beneficial to a Brand” (with AB Eisingerich, HEH Chun), American Marketing Association Marketing Educators' Conference 2012, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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