Malek El Diri

Teaching Fellow in Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Division

+ 44(0) 113 34 36253
Academic, Accounting and Finance
Room G.01, 16 Clarendon Place

PhD (Accounting), The University of Leeds, UK.
MSc (Hons), Accounting, Amman Arab University, Jordan.
BSc (Hons), Accounting, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan.

Malek is currently a teaching fellow in the Accounting and Finance division of Leeds University Business School. He also worked as a teaching assistant in the Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF) in the same school. Previously, Malek was an external auditor in Ernst & Young - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Malek’s main research interest is related to earnings management and how it changes under the impact of different motives at the macroeconomic and firm levels. Among these factors he has so far focused on market competition, information asymmetry, management compensation and managerial ability.


LUBS2295 – Intermediate Management Accounting (2014 – present).
LUBS1235 – Introductory Financial Accounting (2015 – present).
LUBS1225 – Accounting for Managers (2016 – present).


Student Feedback
 “Malek is a great tutor because he makes everything extremely entertaining. I take my hat off to him”.

 “I liked Malek's approach. I found the full class involvement, whilst working in small groups to complete the questions to be extremely constructive. It was more of an active and engaging way of learning”.

 “The quality of teaching and support available from Malek was exemplary! Thoroughly enjoyed the module”.




El Diri, M. 2017. Introduction to Earnings Management. Cham: Springer International Publishing AG.

Working Papers

El Diri, M. 2015. Earnings Management, Managerial Ability and the Role of Competition. European Accounting Association Congress (Glasgow, 2015), Working Paper.

El Diri, M., Alhadab, M. 2015. The Impact of Earnings Management and Managerial Ability on Management Compensation. European Accounting Association Congress (Maastricht, 2016), Working Paper.

El Diri, M. & Alhadab, M. 2016. Market Concentration and the Trade-Off between Accrual and Real Earnings Management. Working Paper.

El Diri, M., Lambrinoudakis, C. & Alhadab, M. 2017. The Impact of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management in Concentrated Markets. Working Paper.

El Diri, M. & Spokeviciute, L. 2017. Earnings Management and Bank Failure. Working Paper.

El Diri, M. & Alhadab, M. 2017. Related party transactions and earnings management in the UK. Working Paper.

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