Joana Pereira

Lecturer - Strategy & Organization Group, Management Division

+44 (0)113 34 32949
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PhD, Management of Technology, École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland 

MSc & BS, Business Administration, Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (CLSBE), Portugal

Joana Pereira is Lecturer in the Strategy and Organization group of Leeds University Business School (LUBS). Prior to joining LUBS, Joana earned a Ph.D. in Management of Technology at the Chair of Corporate Strategy & Innovation (CSI) from EPFL. Her dissertation focused on collective forms of organizing for innovation and production.  

Joana holds a bachelor and a master degree in Business Administration from CLSBE, Portugal. During her studies, Joana spent two semesters abroad at WU Wien in Austria, and at Goa Institute of Management in India. 

Joana was a research and teaching assistant at CLSBE in the Strategy group for two years. Additionally, Joana worked as business analyst for the Portugal Telecom consultancy department; and as HR consultant for AlterVia. Joana is also co-founder and advisor of MindFlow, a Portuguese start-up in the area of training and gamification through mobile Apps. 

She is reviewer of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (SMS), and European Academy of Management (EURAM). She has presented her papers at various international conferences and seminars, including AOM, EURAM, SMS, Consortium for Cooperation & Competition (CCC), International Open and User Innovation Conference (OUI), and Annual World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC).


Joana is interested on collective, democratic, decentralised organizations that based on crowds or communities are able to engage in production and innovation activities. Such organizations deviate from the traditional notions of hierarchy, authority, and control; however, they are still able to undertake production and innovation activities, directly competing with bureaucratic organizations. Joana studies both traditional and modern collective forms of organizing, ranging from producer cooperatives to internet-based crowds and communities.


Strategic Management


“External Design for Reputation, Perspective and Exposure”. (With Celine Abecassis-Moedas.) 2016. Creativity and Innovation Management, 25(3), 396-407. 

“Producer Cooperatives: a Transaction Cost Economic Approach”. 2016. In F. Taisch, A. Jungmeister, and H. Gernet (Eds). Cooperative Identity and Growth. Conference Proceedings of ICCS 2016 in Lucerne. St. Gallen: Verlar Raiffeisen Schweiz, 528-536. 

“Incremental vs. Radical Innovation as a Determinant of Design Position.” (with Celine Abecassis-Moedas) 2012. In E. Bohemia, J. Liedtka and A. Rieple (Eds.) Leading innovation through design: proceedings of the DMI 2012 International Research Conference. 567-574. 

Working projects

“Crowd Organizations: Towards a Definition”. (With Gianluigi Viscusi and Christopher Tucci.) Working paper, 2017.

“Organizational Hybridity Influence on Market Strategies and Competitive Behavior: the Azorean Case”. Working paper, 2017.

“Competing under Institutional Complexity”. Working paper, 2017.

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