Des Leach

Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology
Divisional Director of Research

+44 (0) 113 343 2634
Academic, Management, Staff, Socio-Technical Centre (STC), Workplace Behaviour Research Centre (WBRC), Divisions, Research Centres
2.19 Charles Thackrah


BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD


Director of Research, Management Division
Co-Director, MSc Organisational Psychology programme
Faculty Ethics Representative
Editorial Board, Journal of Organizational Behavior
Fellow of The Higher Education Academy


Current interests

Job and work design

Job and team crafting

Creativity and innovation

Work meetings


Physical work environment

Employee and organisational resilience

Non-profit organisations


LUBS1850 Organisational Behaviour
LUBS2890 Organisations and the Human Resource
LUBS5380 Organisational Psychology and the Effectiveness of Contemporary Work Organisations
LUBS5200 Understanding Organisations
LUBS5750 Organising and Managing for Performance


Example publications

Birdi, K., Leach, D. J. & Magadley, W. (2015). The relationship of individual capabilities and environmental support with different facets of designers’ innovative behaviour. Journal of Product Innovation Management 

Geimer, J. L., Leach, D. J., DeSimone, J. A., Rogelberg, S. G. & Warr, P. B. (2015). Meetings at work: Perceived effectiveness and recommended improvements. Journal of Business Research, 68, 2015-2026.

Cichomska, K. I., Roe, V. & Leach, D. J. (2015). Meeting organization strategy: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of meetings with virtual presence. In J. A. Allen, N. Lehmann-Willenbrock, & S. G. Rogelberg (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Meeting Science. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D. J., & March, J. (2015). Non-profit business collaboration: Operationalizing a strategy for non-profit organizations. In Z. J. Radnor, N. Bateman, A. Esain, M. Kumar, S. J. Williams, & D. M. Upton (Eds.), Public Service Operations Management: A Research Handbook. London: Routledge.

McClelland, G. P., Leach, D. J., Clegg, C. W. & McGowan, I. (2014). Collaborative crafting in call centre teams. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 87, 464-486.

Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D. J. & March, J. (2014). Collaboration between nonprofit and business sectors: A framework to guide strategy development for nonprofit organizations. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 25, 657-678.

Leach, D. J., Hagger-Johnson, G., Doerner, N., Wall, T. D., Turner, N., Dawson, J. & Grote, G. (2013). Developing a measure of work uncertainty. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 86, 85-99.

Robertson, I. T., Leach, D. J., Doerner, N. & Smeed, M. (2012). Poor health but not absent: Prevalence, predictors and outcomes of presenteeism. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 54, 1344-1349.

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Challenger, R., Leach, D. J., Clegg, C. W. & Stride, C. B.  (2012). A new model of job design: Initial evidence and implications for future research.  Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, 22, 197-212.

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Fraser, K. J., Leach, D. J. & Webb, S. (2008).  Employee surveys: Guidance to facilitate effective action.  European Work and Organizational Psychology in Practice, 3, 16-23.

Leach, D. J., Stride, C. B. & Wood, S. J. (2006).  The effectiveness of idea capture schemes.  International Journal of Innovation Management, 10, 325-350. 

Rogelberg, S. G., Leach, D. J., Warr, P. B. & Burnfield, J. L. (2006).  “Not another meeting!”  Are meeting time demands related to employee well-being?  Journal of Applied Psychology, 91, 86-96.

Leach, D. J., Wall. D. T., Rogelberg, S. G. & Jackson, P.R. (2005).  Team autonomy, performance and member job strain: Uncovering the teamwork KSA link.  Applied Psychology: An International Review, 54, 1-24.

Wall, T. D., Wood, S. J. & Leach, D. J. (2004).  Empowerment and Performance.  In C. L. Cooper & I. T. Robertson (Eds.), International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  New York:  John Wiley. 

Leach, D. J., Wall, T. D. & Jackson, P. R. (2003).  The effect of empowerment on job knowledge: An empirical test involving operators of complex technology.  Special Issue: The Industrial and Organizational-Cognitive Psychology Interface, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 76, 27-52.

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Totterdell, P. A., Leach, D. J., Birdi, K., Clegg, C. W. & Wall, T. D. (2002).  An investigation of the contents and consequences of major organizational innovations.  International Journal of Innovation Management, 6, 343-368.

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Martin, R., Leach, D. J., Norman, P. & Silvester, J. (2000).  The role of attributions in psychological reactions to job relocation.  Work & Stress, 14, 347-361.

Recent conference papers

McClelland, G., Leach, D. J. & Clegg, C. W. (2014). Collaborative Crafting in Call Centre Teams. Presented at The North West Contact Centre Forum, O2 Call Centre, Runcorn. 

Quinlan, N., Leach, D. J., & Robinson, M. A. (2014). Modelling antecedents and outcomes of job crafting. Presented at the British Academy of Management Conference, Belfast.

Al-Tabbaa, O. & Leach, D. J. (2013). From beggar to partner: Nonprofit-business collaboration as a strategic option for the nonprofit sector. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Florida.

Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach D. J., & March J. (2012). Social responsibility programs as a strategic target for nonprofit organizations.  4th World Business Ethics Forum, Hong Kong.

:Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D. J. & March, J. (2012). Nonprofit-business collaboration: A strategic choice for the nonprofit sector. European Academy of Management Conference, Rotterdam.
Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D. J. & March, J. (2012). When nonprofit-business collaboration becomes a strategy: Empirical evidence. Third International Symposium on Cross Sector Social Interaction, University of Erasmus, Rotterdam.
Hughes, H., Clegg, C.W. & Leach, D.J. (2011). Job Crafting: A Social Network Perspective. British Psychological Society, Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Davis, M. C., Leach, D. J. & Clegg, C. W.  (2010).  The physical environment: An evolving topic.  Academy of Management Conference, Montreal.
Leach, D. J., Challenger, R., Clegg, C. W., Searle, B. J. & Morrison, D. L.  (2010).  Job crafting: Employees as active agents.  EAWOP Workshop ‘The Future of Quality of Working Life in Europe and Beyond’, Paris.
Hughes, H., Clegg, C. W. & Leach, D. J. (2010).  Organizational network analysis as a tool for exploring 21st century work teams. Third International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, Florida.
Birdi, K., Leach, D. J. & Magadley, W. (2010).  Practicing ideas?  Evaluating the impact of creativity training on employees’ innovative behaviour.  Institute of Work Psychology Conference, Sheffield. 
Jackson, P. R. & Leach, D. J.  (2010). Development dynamics of micro-level behavioural routines:  Implementation of an empowerment strategy in production teams. Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Finland.
Jackson, P. R., Leach, D. J. & Charles, K. (2009).  A longitudinal study of complexity leadership in empowered work teams.  European Academy of Management Conference, Liverpool.
Challenger, R., Leach, D. J., Clegg, C. W. & Stride, C. B. (2008).  Testing a circular model of job design.  Institute of Work Psychology Conference, Sheffield.

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