Cezara-Alina Nicoara

Nicoara Cezara

Postgraduate Researcher

Postgraduate Researchers, Marketing, Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre (GLOSMARC)


University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarship


MA Advertising and Marketing - Leeds University Business School (2012-2013)

MA Management and Organisational Analysis- Warwick University Business School (2011-2012)


Cezara is currently a Postgraduate Researcher in marketing at the University of Leeds. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Studies and Advertising Management from Canterbury University (2012), an MA in Management and Organisational Analysis from Warwick University (2012) and an MA in Advertising Management and Marketing from Leeds University (2013).

Her PhD focuses on the sustainability initiatives of multinational subsidiaries in emerging markets and is supported by the University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarship. An element of the PhD thesis revolves around the integration of Big Data analytics to draw outcomes into sustainable integration patterns.

Cezara's main research interests focus on sustainability marketing, corporate responsibility, ethical development and marketing within the Olympic Games context. She has presented her work in progress at domestic and international conferences and has attended workshops related to her field of work. She has also acted as peer reviewer for the Journal of International Marketing.


  • Leeds University and Qx Brand Advertising Competition- Award for Best Integrated Campaign, 2012
  • SAMS Tom Lupton Prize for Doctoral Poster Presentation - Best Poster, 2015
  • Selected to represent the Leeds University Business School at the EDAMBA summer research academy- Greece, 2015


Thesis title

Corporate social responsibility within the multinational enterprise subsidiaries in emerging markets. 



Sustainability, CSR, multinational organisations, subsidiaries, strategic marketing.


Teaching Assistant Experience

Corporate Social Responsibility and Suitability- Marketing MSc/MA

Marketing research module- Guest speaker MSc/MA

Demonstrating Experience

SPSS data analysis teaching assistant- Marketing MSc/MA


WhiteRose Conference- Poster Presentation: "Sustainability within the Multinational Enterprise Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets", Sheffield, June 2015

EDAMBA Summer Research Academy- Paper Presentation: "The CSR of Multinational Subsidiaries in Transitional Economies: Insights from the New EU Member States"- Athens, July 2015

Corporate Responsibility Research Conference- Paper presentation: "Corporate Social Responsibility within the Multinational Enterprise Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets"- Marseilles, September 2015

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