Sponsorship for PhD Students and Early Career Researchers

The UK Society for the Advancement of Management Studies has provided funding for 10 bursaries towards travel costs for Doctoral students and early career researchers who are presenting at the conference. The amount awarded will vary between $150 - $800 (or equivalent) depending on distance travelled and the cost of airfares. Recipients will be reimbursed as soon as possible after the conference.

If you are a PhD student or early career researcher with limited or no funding from your university, and would like to apply, please email Ann Cunliffe by February 1st, 2014 at a.l.cunliffe@leeds.ac.uk

Recipients will be notified of the amount of the bursary shortly after the application deadline.

Please provide the following information: 

PhD Students
Name of Doctoral program and Institution
Year of study
Title of thesis/dissertation
Whether you have funding for the conference from any other sources, and if so, the amount.
Cost of airfare

Early Career Researchers
Name, position, institution
Year of graduation
Current research projects
Whether you have funding for the conference from any other sources, and if so, the amount.
Cost of airfare

PhD. Conference Paper Award

The Managment Learning ‘Most Thought-Provoking Paper’ Award

Management Learning is a fully peer-reviewed, internationally-ranked journal that publishes original research articles on learning, knowing, organizing and managing.  In its fifth decade of publication, the journal continues to provide a unique forum for critical inquiry, innovative ideas and dialogue.  Articles published in the journal have two defining characteristics: they engage in critique, and are thought-provoking.

We are pleased to announce, for the second time, the Management Learning ‘Most Thought-Provoking Ph.D. Paper’ Award.  The Award will be given to a student paper that best offers a challenge to existing ways of thinking about aspects of managing and organizing, and/or new ways of doing research.

The paper receiving the award will be sent out to constructive review and once accepted will be fast-tracked through the system for early publication. The winner will also receive a year’s free subscription to the journal.

If you wish to be considered for this award, a draft of your paper should be submitted, by email, to Ann by April 10th, 2014.

Please check out information about the journal on line, and also the QRM 2012 winner: James McDonald (2013) Coming out in the field: A queer reflexive account of shifting researcher identity. Management Learning, 44(2): 127-143.

If you would like your paper to be considered for the award and have any questions, please email Ann at a.l.cunliffe@leeds.ac.uk.

Information about the journal can be found at: http://mlq.sagepub.com