Qualitative Research in Management and Organization Conference 
April 15 - 17 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Call for proposals

Subjectivity, Difference and Method

Keynote Speakers

Emily Martin
Professor of Anthropology
New York University, USA

Dennis K Mumby
Professor of Organizational Communication
University of North Carolina, USA

Subjectivity is about being human, not just about being an individual self, but is also embedded in a broader social world. Philosophers have much to say about human nature and what it means to be both an individual and a social being. As researchers we also struggle with these issues, from the perspective of how we may capture the complexities and richness of human life. The two keynote speakers have addressed these thorny issues from different perspectives. 

Emily Martin’s work on the social and cultural dimensions of science has been groundbreaking in investigating the sociocultural construction of person- or self-hood, body and mind. Her ethnographies blend dogged ethnographic empiricism and informing perspectives of linguistic philosophy and political economy to generate cultural critique.

Dennis Mumby combines critical and discursive perspectives to examine the ‘complexities and contradictions that characterize difference as a fundamental and defining feature of organizational life’, and explore the nature of gendered identities in organizations. He challenges conventional readings by foregrounding relations of power, control and resistance.
The aim of Qualitative Research in Management Conference 2014 (QRM2014) is to explore the significance of subjectivity and difference in researching organizational life. We welcome proposals that address these issues in a substantive way as a topic of study, and/or from a methodological perspective. The latter may encompass a reflexive exploration of how notions of subjectivity and difference play through our attempts to capture organizational life and our relationship with our research participants. We also want to build on the initiatives of the Qualitative in Management Conference 2008, 2010 and 2012 in providing opportunities for qualitative researchers to discuss multiple ways of theorizing and meaning-making.

The conference will consist of two streams. Stream 1 will focus on exploring how subjectivity and philosophy play through our research in terms of topics of study, their influence on methodology, and how they may be implicated and as constitutive of the research experience. Stream 2 will address more general issues relating to methods, voices and ways of writing qualitative research.

We encourage paper, panel and other forms of presentation that explore philosophical, conceptual and methodological issues in researching organizational life from a qualitative perspective. Contributions can be from a variety of epistemological perspectives and a range of disciplines including management and organization studies, accounting, marketing, communications, cultural studies, information and decision sciences, sociology, psychology, education, health and public administration. 

Call for proposals

Prospective contributors should send an abstract of up to 1000 words, via email, to Ann Cunliffe at a.l.cunliffe@leeds.ac.uk by December 12, 2013. The abstract should also include name, contact information, and submission stream.

A number of bursaries are available towards the cost of flights for doctoral students and early career researchers. Details will be available on the Conference Website soon.

Conference organisers and contact information:

Ann L Cunliffe, University of Leeds, UK
Karen Locke, College of William and Mary, USA
Conference Email: a.l.cunliffe@leeds.ac.uk

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