Qualitative Data Analysis: Creating a Path through the Maze

Sarah J. Tracy, PhD.
Arizona State University – Tempe
April 15th, 1-4 pm
Sheraton Hotel - Boardroom

In this workshop, Sarah J. Tracy will pull from her organizational research experience and recent book, “Qualitative Research Methods,” to share insight for qualitative coding, analysis, and interpretation. Making sense of qualitative data can be an ineffable experience, so practicing it among a community can be a valuable and enjoyable way to learn. Both those new to qualitative research as well as those interested in updating their analysis approach (for research or teaching), are invited to attend.

Through the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand step-by-step steps of data analysis using an iterative phronetic approach.
  • Learn how to organize and prepare qualitative data for analysis.
  • Learn primary level coding techniques such as open coding and in vivo coding.
  • Understand the differences between first level descriptive and second level analytic codes.
  • Practice coding techniques on their own data or data provided.
  • Learn techniques for creating a qualitative codebook.
  • Receive visual resources describing basic coding practices.
  • Receive data analysis worksheets for use in their own analysis or for teaching analysis.

Participants are encouraged, but are not required, to bring their own textual data (in either hard copy or digitized form).