On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • access a range of sources of information and writing in the discipline area and be able to distinguish between a range of different scholarly and non-scholarly sources;
  • start to appreciate and understand scholarship in the discipline and be able to assemble coherent arguments within a range of assessments: essays (both timed and untimed), reports and oral presentations;
  • identify how they will use the opportunities available to them through their degree programme and Leeds for Life;
  • have strategies and techniques for managing own learning in the upper degree levels;
  • demonstrate their skills development through their first year at University, identify areas for further development and put in place their own personal development plan.

Learning outcomes
This module focuses on skills outcomes rather than knowledge outcomes and is designed to enable students to make the most of the learning opportunities throughout their core programme of study.

Skills outcomes
The module provides students with comprehensive study skills for the programme of study and opportunities to develop broader transferable skills and use personal development planning techniques. The module aims to enable students to make the most of the learning opportunities offered through their degree and to help them integrate their university experience into your longer term personal and career planning. The module will use key concepts, issues and learning from core modules on the programme and aims to enable students to cope with the expectations placed upon them as independent learners at levels 2 and 3.

The University's Values.

The university learning environment
Self-managed learning
Assessment & the effective use of feedback
Jobs, professions and careers; portfolios of careers and multiple careers; work, life and balance.

Finding things out: library skills, web skills, interrogating databases
Advanced literacy: reading skills
Reading non-verbal texts: diagrams, maps, pictures, photographs, videos
Critical thinking
Advanced literacy: writing skills
Using and referencing sources
Intellectual property and plagiarism.